Need help with sl 1, k1


I have a question about slipping the stitches on Row 3. Do I slip the stitch knit-wise?

Row 2: *P1, Sl1P, rep. from * to last st, P1. (slip purl-wise)

Row 3: K2, *Sl 1, K1, rep from * to last st, K1.

Is there a standard rule when the pattern doesn’t indicate how the stitch is to be slipped?


Unless the pattern says otherwise (like it does in row 2), you always slip the stitch knit-wise.

The only time you slip a stitch knitwise is when it’s in a decrease or if the pattern says. That refers to how you insert your needle though, the yarn would be held to the back.

Always sl as if to purl, unless instructed otherwise.

The other replies are correct. I’m just wondering - what are you knitting?