Need help with Sirdar 9450

I am working on my first cabled cape. I worked my cable sideways as the pattern indicated and now it is telling me to work the lower border.
The pattern states: “with rs facing use needles to pick up and knit 94 sts evenly along bottom edge of cable panel”

How do I pick up and knit the 94 sts along bottom edge?

Thanks my fellow knitters!!

Here’s a video on picking up stitches; just pretend the edge of the piece is your L needle and insert the R needle to ‘pick up’ then wrap the yarn around it to ‘knit’ it. You don’t want to pick up in every edge stitch, the normal rate is 2 sts for every 3 or 3 for every 4 stitches, depending on your stitch to row gauge ratio.

It will help also to mark off the lower edge into fourths or even eighths using pins or stitch markers. That will help you distribute your picked up stitches evenly over the entire edge.