Need help with Silvers sock tutorial or just plain HELP!

:wall: This is not the first pair of socks I have made either so I have no idea what in the heck is going on. I’m using Opal yarn and the needle size says to use 3 or 5’s. I was taught on 5’s so that is what I did and it’s the only size sock dpn’s I have except smaller for fingering.
I made the first sock and it turned out well. It fits my husbands foot perfectly. The second sock was my goof. I used the DK weight dimensions instead of worsted. I will frog that one at a later date or save it for a smaller foot.
Fastforward to sock 3 of this yarn (I’m really getting tired of working with it by now) I used the worsted dimensions on Silvers (the only sock pattern I use) and the 5dpn’s and the blasted thing is too small!
I’m obviously going to have to frog this one too.:frog:
What am I doing wrong? Any insight? It’s not like I’m switching needles size or patterns.
What should I do to get this second sock to fit? I can’t believe I’m having this much difficulty!

What would happen if I used the fingering stitch number? Would that work? :shrug:


If it were me I would just put this particular project aside for now-being tense will make me knit a whole lot tighter, I know! I have a sock that needs frogging because I knit the heel so tight it looks like the sock (the heel part anyway) is for a baby (they’re for me). I was nervous when I did the knitting as I am fairly new to sock knitting and I am sure that’s why its so tight.

Maybe a little time away would help. I don’t think I’d change size needles, but just try to relax~your first sock came out just right, so obviously you can do it. Stepping back and taking a break from it might be just what you need to get back into the groove, so to speak.

I’m sorry if that’s not much help~I’m just thinking this is what I’d do in that situation. Even a day away from the project might be enough to catch your breath and relax enough to loosen the tension. Good luck!

The tension isn’t tight though, that is what is boggling me.

This is like my 6th pr of socks I have made, and never had this problem. These will fit my 9 yr old, so they aren’t a complete waste. I will have to pay full price for another skein since this was on sale and make a sock for dh.

I’m am putting it away and working on dd’s socks instead until I figure this out.:??

It seems to me that if you’re using the same size needles, then the sock weight would get you the largest sock, followed by the DK and then the worsted, since you’re casting on 64, then 48 and then 40 stitches. So if the DK weight was too small, then maybe you should try the sock/fingering weight pattern? That’s what makes the most sense to me.

If you’re using DK weight yarn and worsted weight stitch count it would end up smaller. As munchkin said you would want to probably use the instructions for fingering weight yarn if the DK instructions end up being too small as well.

Ok, I was going to try that, but wasn’t sure. Thank you. I have enough scrap yarn that I can make a matching sock since it’s self striping.