Need help with short rows with charts in Drops 136-2

I need help in understanding the patten posted here Drops 136-2
in the chart for M.1, row 3,4 are shorts rows with 3 stitches
This is how I understand the pattern: please correct me if my interpretation is wrong. M.1 in ()
RS Row 1: (K3, 2YO,K5), marker, K2
Row 2: K to marker, (k6,ktbl,k3)
Row 3: short row (k3)
Row 4: short row (k3)
Row 5: (Bind off 2, k4, 2yo, k2tbl, k2) marker k all
Row 6: K to marker (k3, ktbl, slip, 2yo, k4)
I watch following for short rows
follow the last example of the pink one and change to 3 st. instead of 6.
That will work, correct?

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Yes, that looks correct. The only thing to add is that in row 5 after you bind off 2sts, there’s one stitch left on the right hand needle. The chart is counting that stitch as one of the 4 knit sts.
In effect you’ll only need to k3 before the double yo.

Thank you for the reply. I am a beginner and this is my 3rd project. So I should do the k3 not k4. Now I see after finishing row 5 I should have 8 st only. Maybe that is why my sample knitting is a little odd. First I was confused about bind off whether to do one time for 2 sts or two BO. I did 2 BO, the st count become 9 after it. Thanks for the correction.
There is a typo in my row 6, should be
Row 6: K to marker (k3, ktbl, slip(2nd yo), k4)
Hopefully, my pattern will become better after the correction. Luckily you corrected me before my real one.

Not an easy beginner pattern but certainly a very pretty scarf.
Just to be sure, for row 6 it’s K to marker, k3, ktbl, slip 2nd yo off the needle, k4.

Enjoy working it and please let us see a photo when you finish.

I am still getting 9 st after row 5; where am I doing wrong?
I have 10 st when start the row 5
Row 5: (Bind off 2, k3, 2yo, k2tbl, k2) marker k all
after doing two bind off i have one st on right needle; then k3; so 4 now;
2 yo; 6 now; k2tbl, 7 now, k2, 9 now.

Nine is correct. At the beginning, the pattern states that the stitch count will vary from 8-10sts.

Row 6 requires 9sts and leaves you with 8sts when the row is completed. Row 7 takes 8sts and leaves you with 10sts.

thank you.