Need Help with short row

I been a hand knitter for 46 years. Been making a coat for my daughter for Christmas. It is basically a one piece knitted coat. I am now doing the sleeves which you pick up and knit on circular needles in rounds but it is using short rows to shape it and I have never done that before. I was hoping I can talk to someone through here that has done that and could help me understand the pattern so I don’t miss up. I have to get it done soon so I can send the coat to her in Oregon.

Thank you Nancy Dec 2 08

Hi Rose,

Short rows are not difficult at all. Basically, you are knitting up to a certain point on your row and then turning your work as if you had come to the end and working your way back across the row. With circular knitting you would be treating your work as if it were flat for the rows that require you to work short rows. You knit across the number of stitches as required in your pattern, turn and purl across the number of stitches as required in the pattern until you have to turn your work again. When the short row shaping is done you will knit to the end of your round and start knitting in the round again.

Here’s a few good resources on short row knitting:

Short Row with Wrap Video

Scroll down and you will see the video on short rows.

The other is an article on Knitty. com

Short Row Knitting

This one is from Nona Knits:

Back to short rows

Hope you find the info you need in one of these sources.

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