Need Help with Shaker Rib (or Brioche Stitch!

Hi Everyone, This is my first post,a fairly newbie to knitting. I am sure that someone can figure this out for me. This is a very simple pattern- K1, K1 into stitch below, but for the life of me, when I make mistake, I cannot back track and get the stitches back on the needlle correctly! I just end up frogging the thing-I think from know on when I learn a stitch-i will need to make sure I can repair it! This is a wonderful website-have learn so much from reading the forum and the videos-Thank you again. Has anyone seen this subject on video?

I’ve done that st. When you go back, you have to put the k1b st on the needle as two loops instead of one.

Thanks Sue for your help-I will try that-cloud9