Need help with scarf pattern

Hi I’m EllaRose, a fairly new knitter. I found a cute scarf pattern but don’t understand the instructions…they are as follows:
With one color, cast on 96 sts.
Row 1: K and inc 1 in each st across. 192 sts total

What is it you don’t know how to do? Increases? There is a link for videos at the top of the page with an increase page. The pattern may specify which increase to use, but if not you can use whatever you want.

Always link to the pattern if possible and give us the name of the pattern.

When you inc 1 [B]in[/B] each stitch, you do a kfb in it. For this pattern to come out with the right number you would knit into the front and back of every stitch across the row, including the first one.

I was going to suggest what suzeeq wrote kfb. I have used this increase and it was easy for me- also a fairly new knitter. I wanted tell that I love your name. My DGD’s name is EllaRose. Good luck with your scarf.

Thank you all for the replies!
I’m sorry my computer went wacko!And I didn’t finish my question!!
The directions for the scarf are as follows:
With first color cast on 96 sts.
Row 1: K and inc 1 in ea st across. 192 sts total
Row 2: *Inc in the next 2 sts, k 1; rep from *. 320 sts total
Knit 6 rows. BIND OFF all sts.
This is where I am confused, it now tells me (with new color) to PICK UP 192 sts in cast on row…how do I do that if I have already did the bind off of the first color.

I am smiling to know there are others with my name. I was named for my Grandmother Ella and my Aunt Rosie. A gentleman in church told me his Mother’s name was EllaRose. This is nice.

You pick up 2 sts in each st that you cast on. Look at the video for picking up sts on the Tips page. You’ll be knitting from the cast on edge with another color, so the bound off stitches don’t come into it here.

Thank you for suggesting the video, it seems a little tricky but I will practice picking up before I actually try it on the scarf. I have learned so much from watching the videos already, it makes learning to knit a bit easier.

Yep, it’s always a good idea to practice a new technique or stitch pattern on some leftover yarn so you can get familiar with it before you work on your project.