Need help with scarf pattern

Hi all,

I am starting my first attempt at knitting a scarf and I found this pattern on the net that says it’s for beginners.

Anyway, the instructions are alien to me and I need some help from you expert knitters please.

This is the pattern I’m trying to follow but I just don’t get the instructions. I know how to cast on and garter knit but the rest after that I don’t get?

I added the link as its copyright laws says it in not allowed to be published elsewhere.

Thanks in advance for any replies I get.

It sounds like something is missing. When you wrap the yarn twice around the needle after knitting a stitch, the next row usually has you drop those stitches off the needle to make a drop-stitch pattern. If you just wrap and somehow manage to knit those stitches on the next row, each row will be 3 times wider than the last.

Hi Ingrid, thanks for your reply. You’ve made a lot of sense and I think I’ll leave that patter now, although the scarf on there looks gorgeous.

Thank you.

There are so many beautiful patterns out there–I’m sure you’ll find one you love!