Need help with Rosedale pattern again!

Hello everyone!

I’m coming close to the end of my Rosedale (, but all of a sudden I don’t understand the pattern. It says "On next RS row, dec 1 st each side of neck edge while working raglan decrease rows as established. 48[56, 60, 68] sts remain. "

What is the neck edge exactly? Is it the beginning of the row? It feels a bit weird to decrease at the beginning…

Also, I ended up with 2 stitches too many somehow. Do you think I should hurry away with them before adding the neckline, or let them be? I’m doing the small size.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Look at your sweater and you should be able to figure out where the neck is. Since this is a knit in one piece cardigan, the neck edge should be the begining and end of the row. It looks like you should already have done this:

" On next two rows, BO 10[12, 12, 14] sts at the beginning of the row while continuing to work raglan decreases every row as established. 58[66, 70, 78] sts remain."

The neck edges will be where you bound off the stitches.

Ah, then that was it! I was trying to decrease there, but it felt a bit weird so I figured I had misunderstood something. Thanks! :slight_smile:

The neck edge for me would be the whole top edge of the sweater :wink:

Right, it is the whole top, but you’ve got front edges; the middle is the shoulder and back areas. The fronts meet at the neck.