Need help with “Rib 2” & “Rib 4” in Cap pattern

I would like to make this cap but I don’t understand the instruction in row 8 – (Rib 2 & Rib 4)

Please explain this direction in “Newsboy Peak Cap” pattern.

8th row: [U]Rib 2[/U], * inc. in next st., [U]rib 4[/U]. rep. from * to end … 80 sts.

Is this it?

P1, K1, 2 times ([U]for rib 2[/U]), * inc. in next st., P1, K1, 4 times ([U]for rib 4[/U]), rep. from * to end … 80 sts.

See Attachment for Vintage and Modern versions of this pattern>

Thanks in advance, Jan

Yes, that’s exactly right. When it says rib 2 or 4 or rib 20 it means to work those stitches in the rib pattern for your project. They define it especially for this pattern as you’ve given in your post.

P1, K1, 2 times (for rib 2), * inc. in next st., P1, K1, 4 times (for rib 4), rep. from * to end … 80 sts.

When it says to rib 2 I believe it only means to use the next 2 stitches keeping them in the pattern of the rib you have going. When it says rib 4 you only use 4 stitches. So it would not be P1, K1 2 times if you mean doing both the stitches 2 times which would be four stitches and it should be only two stitches. And for the second example you gave: P1, k1 4 times— as I interpret what you say here it would use 8 stitches and the pattern only means for you to use 4.

Salmonmac, isn’t that the way you understand it?

Ah, Judy, you’re absolutely right. I thought JRosa was quoting the particular pattern definition of Rib 2 and Rib4. That’s why I said that they were defining it especially in this pattern.
Yes the common understanding of rib 2 uses 2 sts total and rib 4 uses 4sts total.
Thanks for the correction!

You don’t actually work the rib pattern twice or 4 times, you work that many [I]stitches[/I] in ribbing. So for rib 2 you just k1 p1 - 2 sts, and for rib 4 you would k1p1k1p1 over the 4 sts.

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