Need help with reverse shaping!

I am a new knitter and working on my first baby sweater (starting

I don’t know how to reverse shaping between the right and left
fronts so that the bind off edge appears the same on the RS of both
fronts. I tried starting a new yarn on the opposite side so that I
could do the exact same steps and it worked out fine, but the bind
off edge on the RS of the left front is not the same as the RS on
the right front.

Here’s the instructions for the last few rows (the neck shaping):

RIGHT FRONT NECK SHAPING (total stitches in row is 27):
(RS): Bind off 16 sts, k to end of row.
Work even for 2 rows. Bind off.

Work as for right front, reversing all shaping.

I don’t see how I could reverse the shaping and get the cast off
edge facing the same way for both front pieces. If I reverse the
instructions and knit up to the last 16 stitches and bind them off,
how do I get back to where I need to be to knit the next two rows?


For the left side, you have to BO on the WS row and no that edge wont be facing the same way. There’s probably a finishing instruction to pick up stitches at the neck or to crochet around it. If there’s not, you can do so.