Need help with reading the instructions

hi all,

i down loaded a pattern of the internet. and the instructions are very sketchey at best it does not mention how many row after the cast on stitches plus is a garter stitch all knit rows thanks for your help

Use size 6 needles
Baby yarn 3 or 4 ounce
St = stitches K = knit P = purl
YO = yarn over Inc = increase Mrk = marker
Tog = together RS = right side WS = wrong side
Cast on 50 stitches.
Work even in garter st (knit each row) until 2 purl ridges on right side.
(RS) Button hole - k2, YO, k2tog, k across.
Knit next row.

Hi, yes, garter st is knit all rows, and a purl ridge is formed when you knit 2 rows. So you knit 4 rows then on the next row, work a buttonhole. Mark that side with a safety pin or piece of yarn as the RS.

Could you please edit your post to remove most of the pattern? It’s a copyright violation to post an entire pattern here, even if it’s free; the site owners can get into trouble. It’s okay to put a few rows that you’re having a problem with, and a link to the pattern though.

sorry for that i did not know it was a copyright violation.
so i knit four rows and then repeat after the line with the botton hole

Yes, and you’ll be doing the buttonhole row every couple inches or so probably. Unless there’s just one at the top.

Most people don’t know it’s a problem to repost the whole pattern, so we do let them know.

Is there anyway to put this up, banner-style, at the top of the site pages? Hardly a day goes by when someone posts too much of a pattern and then gets told that they’ve done something wrong. It’s such a constant problem and it would be so much easier (and nicer) if it were in plain sight.

There have been a couple in the last two days or so, but usually it only happens a couple times a month. There is mention of it in the 'How to post your Questions’ sticky in the How To forum, but unfortunately, many people don’t read the stickies in any forum.