Need help with Reading Room Cardigan (worked sideways)

I’m having a problem understanding the numbers in parentheses, as I know they don’t represent the size. I don’t know how to proceed in the following instructions:

Cast-on for Back and Front
Using Knit Cast-on, cast on 42 sts for back – 74 (78, 82) sts.
Row 1 (RS): Knit.
Using Knit Cast-on, cast on 42 sts for left front – 116 (120, 124) sts.

I understand the knit cast-on of 42 sts, but I don’t get what the 74 or the 116 is. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

That’s how many stitches you have at the end of that row. If you get in the habit of counting after any major change, i’t’ll make your life easier. :slight_smile:

Thanks Becky! When you said that, it was like a light bulb went off! I couldn’t figure out where the stitches were coming from. Then I realized I have 32 stitches from the sleeve on the stitch holder, which when added to the 42 = 74 and then 74 +32 = 116 !:bulb: Again, thanks​:blush: