Need help with reading a pattetn

Hi I’m a bit stuck on part of a sleeve I’m knitting, I’m making a jacket for a 6yr old hope someone can help

thank you

Increase at each end of the sleeve (beginning and end of row). Make the increases 2 sts in from the edges. For the 6yo size increase when you reach the given measurement. Call the next row, row 1 and increase on rows 11 and 21 and then 29 and 37.

Thank you for your help Salmon mac, I have trouble reading patterns, x

We all do at one point or another. Glad to be able to help. Enjoy working on this sweater!

I will thank you, however sure there be other questions lol

Sorry re- read the message, so would you start increasing on row 1 then etc etc thanks x

Yes, work to the given measurement and then inc on rows 1,11,21,29 and 37. That’ll be 10sts increased total.

Brill thank you

Good evening. Can you help me and confirm for the hood for a 6 year old I cast off on rows 1,5, then cast of 1st for 10 rows then on the 11th row cast off 2 St’s many thanks

For the cast off at the beg of row starting at row 3 it would be cast off one stitch on rows 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 11 and 12. Cast off 2sts of rows 13 and 14.
Later, at 5", dec one stitch on each side of center stitch on rows 1,3,5,7,9 and 11 then dec 2sts on rows 13 and 15.

Thank you very much for your help xxx