need help with reading a pattern

hello, I am new to knitting and have only made a few items with pretty simple patterns.

I am working on creating a stuffed animal for a friend (special request!), and I am just having a hard time deciphering the abbreviations in the pattern.

The pattern can be found here for reference:

I am reading the steps for creating the head of the goat…
cast on 11 sts (easy)
row 1 - P (simple enough)
row 2 - K, inc every st - 22 sts (sure)
starting with a P row st st 9 rows.

so, I start with a P row (got it), but I don’t know how to interpret “st st 9 rows”, and google wasn’t too much help because I couldn’t seem to find the same combination. This type of instruction is repeated a few times in the pattern, so I need help clearing it up!


Hi st st 9 rows means to purl the starting row and altetnate knitting one row and purling the next for 9 rows

Ah! Thank you! :blush: