Need help with "railroad/ladder" novalty yarn

I saw a very pretty scarf that was knit with Plymouth Eros Glitz and want to copy it.
It seems a little difficult to work with. Also I am not quite sure of the stitch that was used. I am trying different sized needles and stitches and cannot seem to get the results I thought I would. Could you recommend a stitch that would be nice and flowy in this yarn?
Thank you,

Having worked with railroad type yarn in the past here are my suggestions…

  1. Use blunt -tipped needles , if they are the least bit pointy they willjust get stuck in the railraod areas

  2. Stay with something simple like stockinette or just plain garter - the simpler the better

  3. Use large needles, it will be easier to not get stuck in the railroad areas and will give you a nice drapey, lacey effect.

Hope this helps

I agree completely with Renee. Use large blunt needles & keep the stitch simple. I usually just use garter stitch with the railroad yarn.