Need help with raglan decreasing in the round

Hello - I am new to this forum and I desperately need help with a pattern. I am working on a raglan roll sweater and the pattern instructions are for straight knitting. I decided to knit it in the round instead and I am now at the point where I need to start decreasing for the raglan armholes.

My thought was that I should place another marker at the halfway point and then I would decrease on either side of the markers. Am I way off base with that.

Here are the instructions for the decreasing from the pattern.

Row 1: Knit across until 4 sts remain, K2 tog TBL, K2
Row 2 Purl across until 4 sts remain, P2 tog, P2.

Any help with these is truly appreciated. I would love to try to finish the sweater before my son outgrows it and I’m running out of time.

Thanks again

Have you got the sleeves made and attached? Bottom-up raglans have you knit the sleeves up to the armhole, then attached them and knit from there up in the round as well. Here is an example of how that is done. If you do have it done that way, you can use the decreases that are in this pattern for yours.

Another option is to stop knitting in the round and knit the front and back separately, back and forth as you would if you were knitting flat.

Thank you for responding so quickly. The pattern I am using does not have you make the sleeves ahead of time and attach them while you are doing the decreasing. Would I still be able to use the pattern you referenced to do the decreasing and attach the sleeves later.
Thank you again for your help

The problem is that if you continue to knit in the round, you won’t have any armholes. You’ll have a long tube with raglan shaping, but no sleeves. :wink:

A pattern that has you knit the pieces flat will have you seam along the raglan shaping. You could compromise and knit the front and back flat. You’d have to seam, though. Mattress stitch looks especially good on raglan seam, though.

Thank you very much - I didn’t think of that. I think I will stop knitting the round and finish the front and back separately. That will probably be the easiest for me. I’m not very skilled at knitting yet. Thank you again.