Need Help With Putting Hat Together and Recommendation for Better Pattern

I am trying to make this hat:

When I followed the pattern, I got this:

And I tried to figure out how to make it look like the photo and got this:

So I am asking for two things

  1. Help with how to put together the one I already crocheted

  2. A pattern that will allow me to get the same ribbed effect without having to put the hat together afterwards.

I’m thinking their must be a way to crochet in the chain to make it round as I go and get the ribbed effect all at the same time?

Thanks in advance for your help. :slight_smile:

yolanda marie

Did you try They have tons of patterns.

The finished hat in pink is really nice. If you want the spiral effect then you can find a different pattern with the spiral in it or work with the one you have. How does the pattern say it is joined together? I knitted a spiral hat in black for a son (spiral rib) and frogged it several times before I could get the spiral right but you know I love the finished piece. If you decide o use the pattern I am sure we can help you get it right.:woot:

The pattern says to cut the yarn, leaving a length to gather on edge and then down siding, tie off.

I made the hat twice, thinking that perhaps I missed something the first time, but both patterns times it came out the same. I even took it to my knit/crochet meetup group and no one else could get it either. It may be something simple that we are missing.

Did you buy the pattern or is there a link to it? I am not sure about a crochet spiral hat but I do have a knitted spiral hat pattern as I made one for my son this past winter. I will check my patterns to see if I missed a crocheted pattern. But can you provide us with the pattern or a link?

Well, I looked at the [pink hat] image properties and found the pattern at this page.

From the look of your first blue hat image, you are not following that pattern. All rows should be the same number of stitches, but because you increase one end and decrease on the other the rows are stair steped to the right (RF).

It looks like you forgot to do two sc in the first stitch of each RF row (odd numbers) and each even number row begins with a decrease and ends in an increase. I also note tha pattern does not mention to chain two for each turn. Not sure if that is an error or part of the shifting pattern.

What you should end up with is a diagonal rib pattern something like this…
[[SIZE=“7”]\\\[/SIZE]]( there is an image of a correctly finished piece at

You would then join the slanted ends to form a tube and gather one end for the peak of the hat.

I just hope my 'text art" displays well.

Jack is correct. I’ve made this very hat before and it should turn out as he illustrates. I’ve been crocheting for over 35 years and I found this pattern extremely awkward to stitch and to put together, so don’t feel too bad! I made one then tossed the pattern! I also found that it turned out quite stiff and chunky, even using yarn that normally makes a very nice baby hat.

I have a simple baby hat pattern on my site that works up quickly if you would like to check it out. It’s not a swirl pattern like this one, but it is crocheted in the round so there is no assembly at the end, just weaving in the ends. You are welcome to use it, just not for profit.

The long version is here.

The short version is here.

They are both the same pattern, but the long version is for very beginner crocheters and the short version is just the pattern.

Good luck!