Need help with Placket neck sweater!

Ok so I´m making my first knit in the round sweater (have only made 1 sweater ever, the Presto Chango) and am having a whole lot of trouble with one small thing…I can not understand what this part means:

“[B]on the next rnd, k4[/B], place the last 8 sts worked on a stitch holder, removing the marker for end of rnd from the middle of these sts, k42 and place last 8 stitches on holder, k41 to end for front. leave sts on circ and set aside”

So what do I do in between these 4 sts and the last 8 that are supposed to go on a stitch holder? I´ve tried to understand and this is probably soooo simple but being my first time I´m just not getting it :?? These 4 sts are making my life miserable at the moment cause I´m totally stuck.

When you knit 4, that’s the last sts of the 8, so place those 4 sts plus the previous 4 sts on a holder, k42, put the previous 8 sts on a holder, then k41.

Thank you so much :muah: