Need help with picking up stitiches

Hi all,
My instructions for this baby sweater asks me to kick up 76 stitiches and join in the round. UI picked up too many on the back (I measured and pit markers) but am afraid to rip to even it out. Can I just rip out and start the pick up again without messing up the neckline?

you can rip out pu stitches easily and start over, that happens to me a lot! I always miss count. Just give it a little tug after and the edges will come back to their shape and you can restart.

I often find that when I am picking up stitches for button band and collars that I have to adjust the number I pick up to get them to look even. I rarely pick up the amount called for in the pattern. As long as you have the right number to do the pattern (ribbing, for example), it doesn’t matter.

Another trick is measure off 1 or 2 inch sections, mark them with waste yarn and pick up your stitches evenly within those sections. This will make the overall appearance neater.

great tips, Marria!! Thank you!