Need help with phone sweater pattern, neckline cast on section

Hi, a very newbie knitter here (I’m a two-week-old knitter, learning from youtube :yum:). Sorry if my question is a bit silly.

This phone sweater from Vogue Knitting is my third project after headband and beanie, and so far I’ve made it to the end of ‘neck shaping’ section.

The pattern says “Do not cut yarn”, so now I’m left with two balls of yarn hanging from both sides of the “shoulder straps”. Next the pattern instructs me to work 6 sts in pat, cast on 8 sts for back neck, work 6 sts in pat - 20 sts. I’m stuck on this line and can’t continue further. My questions are:

  1. The pattern doesn’t mention the second ball of yarn again after neck shaping. Do I keep continue knitting with two balls of yarn throughout the end? If yes, then:
  2. How do I continue working on this pattern with these two yarns? Which yarn should I do 8 sts cast on with?

This is the link to the pattern:

Any points will be very much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

Here’s a little look on my current progress:

Welcome to KH and to knitting!
You’re are amazing. This is not an easy pattern to work and you’re doing it so well, cables, jargon and all. Looks lovely so far.
You won’t need the second ball of yarn. You can cut the yarn, leaving about a 6 inch tail to weave in later. Use the yarn end over on the right in your photo which is coming from the main ball of yarn to work the back of the sweater.
Thanks very much for the pattern link.

Thank you so much for your reply, you indeed just saved my day (and my project too!). Yaay \o/

However, I just started to notice a loose stitch when purling the cast on (I was knitting the set-up row 2). I’m not sure why and how this happened though… I’m using cable cast on technique and everything is fine until I reach the point where I have to purl the cast-on stitch on the next row. Could somebody explain?

Since I’m unable to fix the loose stitch, I’ve managed to tweak the pattern a bit. Instead casting back on 8 stitches, I added 2 extra stitches and knit them together with each edge of the existing stitches. This ‘modification’ has worked so far to get rid of that loose stitch but I don’t know whether this technique is legal in the knitting world… This idea, anyway, just came out of despair lol. Is it going to affect the overall pattern? If so, is there any proper technique to fix this issue? I’m okay with a bit of unraveling though. Suggestions are welcome!

Thank you again.

I’m not sure if this is exactly the problem but here’s TechKnitter;s take on a loose stitch after cast on.

Your solution is perfect, too. Adding an extra stitch and then working two sts together is an excellent solution and comes in handy in so many situations (thumbs on mittens, heels on socks).
Legality is best left to the law firms and courts that specialize in knitting cases. We’ll never tell.

The link is very helpful, thank you. I’ve learned so many new things from doing this project and the link you’ve given is sure going to add up to my knitting experience.

I managed to finish the project few days ago, yaay… Though I had to block and sew the collar differently so that it would also fit my bigger phablet, it is indeed satisfying every time a project is completed.

Now that I’m eager to jump to another project, it seems that I’m going to hang around this cool forum quite often :wink: I never knew knitting could be this addicting!

Again, thank you so much for helping me out.

Looks terrific! Thanks very much for the pattern and the photo. Great color, too.