Need help with Pattester pattern

HI I’m up to this bit

Sizes XS, S Only:
Next Row [WS]: Work [B]2 sts[/B] in pattern, [place marker, work Set-up Row, place marker, [B]work 7 sts in pattern[/B]] 3 times, place marker, work Set-up Row, place marker, k1, p1. 73 sts.

what I want to know is how do I do the 2 stitches? In purl ? And which seven stiches in the setup do I follow?


The stitches that you work ‘in pattern’ are just continuances of the ribbing that’s already been established. The set-up row is the row of the pattern at the very bottom, read left to right since it’s a ws row.

so I should be “rib 2” as per the rib pattern. then set up pattern, then 7 stitches from the rib pattern?


If you look at the picture next to that section of the pattern you will see what Ingrid is saying and how that works.

it states

Work in pattern, working sts between markers in Cable Pattern and all other sts in Rib Pattern as set, [B]until work measures 7.5[8.5[/B]

when it says work measures 8.5 inches does it mean from the start of the ribbing, or start of the cabling?


It says this " With RS of work facing, CO 63[63, 69, 69, 69, 69, 72, 72, 72] sts using cable cast on.[B] 136[136, 154, 157, 157, 157, 163, 163, 163] sts.[/B]

where do the stitches I made in bold come from? If both sides are 63 stitches each… 63+63=126 not 136.

Are there stitches left on the sweater from before that are included?

It doesn’t look like you have stitches from the other part. Email the designer (address at the bottom of the pattern) and ask her where the other sts are.

The pattern has you cast on 63 stitches for one side of front, set that needle aside and pick up the needle you have the back on and cast on another 63 stitches added to the 73 stitches of the back gives you 136 stitches. It looks like then you work back across the 136 stitches in pattern and add the 63 stitches from extra needle and then work entire sweater in pattern.