Need help with pattern

5th row: K 1, (p 1, k 1) twice; complete a rope, p 2; in next st k 1, (p 1, k 1) twice—popcorn started; p 2, * sl 1, k 1, p.s.s.o., k 1, (O, k 1) twice; k 2 tog, p 2, start a popcorn as before, p 2. Repeat from * once more, com*plete a rope, p 3.

I can only see 2 pop corns on row 5 am I missing something?

After looking i realized the third popcorn is here

  • sl 1, k 1, p.s.s.o., k 1, (O, k 1) twice; k 2 tog, p 2, start a popcorn as before, p 2.

If that true?

Yup, that’s right. There’s a pc before the repeat and in the repeat section which contributes 2 more.

Im learning alot, i get 55 stitches after row 6 does that sound right.

Yes, that’s right. No increases or decreases on row 6.
This is wonderful practice for counting the sts in the pattern row and the sts on the needle. Keep doing it and it gets easier.

I think I’m getting the hang of this last ? About the pattern not sure about this step
Repeat the 2nd through 13th row for pattern 29 times more, omitting popcorns on last 3 rows, then repeat 2nd row once.

What 3 rows do I omit the popcorns?

The last 3 rows are the ones at almost the very end. Repeat rows 2-13 for more 28 times. On the 29th repeat leave out the popcorns on the last 3 rows (rows 11-13). Then end with a row 2.

You won’t believe it, but I am almost done. I am at the last part where it says to repeat the 2nd row once, but if I’m doing a Mirror image wouldn’t I repeat the 1st row? Right now my needle has the seed stitch border and it doesn’t make sense to knit 3? Any suggestions?

Is this the right end strip or the left end strip?
You just want to end having completed a wrong side row, a row 2.

It’s the right side strip. So I should work the second row backwards?

You’ve been repeating rows 2-13 for the pattern. When you work this extra row 2, work it the same way that you have been doing throughout the pattern.
As i see it, it’s just to finish off with a wrong side row (row2) so that the seed stitch border will begin on a right side row. If the seed stitch border is at the tpi of the needle, then you are ready to knit a right side row, either a row 13 perhaps or the top border.

Well i have made lots of progress both sides are done and I am working on the diamond strips. I actually finished one diamond strip except its longer that the side strips by 2 diamonds. Can you tell me how many diamonds i should have? Here is the pattern:

DIAMOND STRIP (Make 2) … Starting at narrow edge with No. 8 needles, cast on 15 sts. Work 5 rows of seed st border same as for previous strips. Change to No. 10 needles and work in pattern as follows: 1st row: K 7, in next st p 1, k 1, p 1—puff started; k 7. 2nd row: P 7, p 3 tog—puff completed; p 7. 3rd row: K 6, start puff, k 1, start puff, k 6. 4th row: P 6, complete puff, p 1, complete puff, p 6. 5th row: K 5, start puff, (k 1, start puff) twice; k 5. 6th row: P 5, complete puff, (p 1, complete puff) twice; p 5. 7th row: K 4, start puff, (k 1, start puff) 3 times; k 4. 8th row: P 4, complete puff, (p 1, complete puff) 3 times; p 4. 9th row: K 3, start puff, (k 1, start puff) 4 times; k 3. 10th row: P 3, complete puff, (p 1, complete puff) 4 times; p 3. 11th row: K 2, start puff, (k 1, start puff) 5 times; k 2. 12th row: P 2, complete puff, (p 1, compete puff) 5 times; p 2. 13th row: K 1, (start puff, k 1) 7 times. 14th row: P 1, (complete puff, p 1) 7 times. 15th through 24th row: Repeat 11th, 12th, 9th, 10th, 7th, 8th, 5th, 6th, 3rd and 4th rows. Repeat these 24 rows for pattern 14 times more, then repeat first and 2nd rows once. Change to No. 8 needles and work 5 rows of seed st. Bind off in seed st.

I got 15 diamonds, but can’t figure out why its 2 diamonds too long.

It sounds like 15 diamonds is correct according to the pattern gauge. Your row gauge may be slightly different and that might account for the difference. That’s ok as long as you match the diamond strip up to the side strips and the overall length of the afghan. The correct total number of diamonds won’t matter.
You are really progressing along on what is not an easy pattern. Good for you! I’m looking forward to seeing this.

Just want to thank you, I finally finished the afghan. Here is a pic

That is beautiful!!

Your blanket is magnificent. You worked this difficult pattern so carefully and perfectly.
What a treasure!

I couldn’t have done it without your help, thank you.

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