Need help with pattern

I am stuck on this pattern at the 2nd row where is say
2nd row: K 3, with yarn in front, sl next 3 sts— rope started; k 5, (p 7, k 5) twice; start a rope as before, k 1, (p 1, k 1) twice. How many stitches should I have at the end of this row if I started with 43 stitches?

A rope? What are you knitting? Do you have a link?

I am trying to knit this with some vintage yarn I got from my grandmother. And the part I’m working on is the rope. I did the first row and ended up with 43 stitches, but not on the second row.

You should end up with 43sts after the second row as well.
The rope part of the pattern is just a slip 3 with yarn in front.
2nd row: K 3, with yarn in front,[U] sl next 3 sts[/U], k 5, (p 7, k 5) twice; with yarn in front,[U] sl next 3sts[/U], k 1, (p 1, k 1) twice

That worked out great, thanks!

Now reading the third row I don’t get the knit in back loop of third stitch on left hand part if you can explain I would be greatful.

The 5th row says complete a rope so is the just sl 3 stitches and then knitting in the back loop of third stitch?

I’m getting 44 stitches in the 5th row and I think it because either I’m not doing the part that says complete a rope correctly or where it says in the next stitch k1

Here’s a video for knitting through the back loop. It’ll twist the stitch. In your pattern, don’t drop the stitch off the left hand needle. Follow the directions for working the first and second stitches.

The 4th row is a repeat of row 2 where you begin the rope. Then yes, the 5th row is the completion of the rope,
“k in back loop of 3rd st on left-hand needle, do not drop off needle, k in front loop of first st and drop this st off left-hand needle, k in front loop of 2nd st and drop both loops off left-hand needle—rope com*pleted;”

Start the 5th row with 43sts and finish the row with 55sts. The extra 12sts come from the popcorns. You should k1, p1, k1, p1, k1 into the next stitch for the popcorn. That’ll increase the stitch count by 4sts each time and there are 3 popcorns on the row (12sts inc).

The O in the parentheses in row 5 is a yarn over.

5th row: K 1, (p 1, k 1) twice; complete a rope, p 2; in next st k 1, (p 1, k 1) twice—popcorn started; p 2, * sl 1, k 1, p.s.s.o., k 1, (O, k 1) twice; k 2 tog, p 2, start a popcorn as before, p 2. Repeat from * once more, com*plete a rope, p 3.

I can only see 2 pop corns on row 5 am I missing something?

After looking i realized the third popcorn is here

  • sl 1, k 1, p.s.s.o., k 1, (O, k 1) twice; k 2 tog, p 2, start a popcorn as before, p 2.

If that true?

Yup, that’s right. There’s a pc before the repeat and in the repeat section which contributes 2 more.

Im learning alot, i get 55 stitches after row 6 does that sound right.

Yes, that’s right. No increases or decreases on row 6.
This is wonderful practice for counting the sts in the pattern row and the sts on the needle. Keep doing it and it gets easier.

I think I’m getting the hang of this last ? About the pattern not sure about this step
Repeat the 2nd through 13th row for pattern 29 times more, omitting popcorns on last 3 rows, then repeat 2nd row once.

What 3 rows do I omit the popcorns?

The last 3 rows are the ones at almost the very end. Repeat rows 2-13 for more 28 times. On the 29th repeat leave out the popcorns on the last 3 rows (rows 11-13). Then end with a row 2.

You won’t believe it, but I am almost done. I am at the last part where it says to repeat the 2nd row once, but if I’m doing a Mirror image wouldn’t I repeat the 1st row? Right now my needle has the seed stitch border and it doesn’t make sense to knit 3? Any suggestions?

Is this the right end strip or the left end strip?
You just want to end having completed a wrong side row, a row 2.

It’s the right side strip. So I should work the second row backwards?