Need help with pattern

Not experienced enough with knitting terms to know what it means when pattern reads:

Row 23 [RS]: K2, SM, YO, K1, [B]WYIF sl1, *(P2, WYIF sl2)[/B]; repeat from * to 2 st before marker; P1, K1, YO, SM, K1, SM, YO, K1, P1, *[B](WYIF sl2, P2)[/B]; repeat from * to 2 st before marker; WYIF sl1, K1, YO, SM, K2

Not sure if I need to do a knit stitch after the slipped stitches before purling.

‘WYIF’ means ‘with yarn in front,’ so you slip the yarn between your needles, like you’re ready to purl.

for the first part… make sure the yarn is in front, then purl 2, keep the yarn in front and slip 2… keep repeating that until you get to the next stitch marker

for the 2nd part… again, with yarn in front, slip 2 and keeping the yarn in front, purl 2, and keep repeating that until the marker.

holler if you need more, and if you can, link to the pattern. :wink: