Need help with pattern

I am making a hooded sweater from a pattern I got at Red Heart, the pattern says to cast off two stitches twice at neck edge, not sure how to do this, does anyone know how I do this!

BO 2 sts at the neck edge, finish the row, turn and work back. Turn and BO 2 again.

Here are several videos of bind offs, both english and continental in case you’d like to see the actual operation.

It may be possible that you are doing a piece where you have both neck edges going at the same time (all the sweater knit in one piece), although it says edge and not edges so maybe it is just one front. If it is both you would *bind off (by the way bind off and cast off are the same thing) 2, work that row, turn and bind off two, work that row and repeat from the *.