Need help with pattern

From “purelife (rowan) winter collection” penrith
This is a big, cabled men’s cardigan.
Pattern directs me to K1, P1 rib for 11 rows, ending with WS facing for next row. Here’s where I get lost.

Row 12, WS: rib 1 [8:7:6:5]. M1, (rib3, M1) 29[27:29:31:33] times, rib 2 [9:8:7:6]. 120 [126:132:138:144]sts.

What is rib1 and rib3 ? I understand M1. Rib 2?

I knew this would be a challenging project for me, but I didn’t think I would have to ask for help on the 12th row!
Thanks for any clarification you can provide.

That means to work however many sts in the rib pattern. So for rib 1, it’s the first st in the pattern that’s facing you. Then you do the M1 and work the rib over the next 3 sts. Just knit the knits and purl the purls as they face you and do the increases in between. The next row will probably change over to stockinette so don’t worry about the increases messing up the rib pattern.

The rib pattern is just K1P1. So rib 1 means just K 1 stitch, or does it mean one whole rib sequence, which would be K1P1, one time (since I am knitting size small)? And what are the numbers in the brackets for?
and then, rib 3 M1 means K1P1K1, M1. Or does it mean K1P1, K1P1, K1P1, M1?
Thanks so much for your help.

Just do 1 [B]st[/B] or 3 [B]sts[/B] or 2 [B]sts[/B], not a k p for each rib. K1P1, K1P1, K1P1, is 6 sts not 3. They say rib rather than k1, p1, k1 because you may not be starting the row with a k1. And since this is a ws row, you probably do start it with a p1, not a k1. The numbers in the brackets are for the other sizes. It might help if you highlight the numbers pertaining to your size.

Okay for the small size your pattern reads- WS: rib 1 , M1, (rib3, M1) 29 times, rib 2. 120 sts.
so you would - p1, m1, (k1, p1, k1 m1) 29 times and end p1, k1. You keep to the established rib pattern.

Oh thank you, thank you! I actually get it!