Need help with pattern

I am working on a pattern by Lois Daykin in the baby knits book. It is the textured jacket. I am working on the sleeves and am having trouble. When I start my increases and try to keep to the pattern it just isn’t looking right. I have started over twice and just can’t seem to get it. Has anyone else made this sweater or have any suggestions for me. I am making it for my niece and she is due soon. I already have the pants and hat made for the outfit and would love to finish the jacket or else it is going to be more like a vest:teehee:

Are you making the increases on both ends of the row?

Hi, Thanks for the reply. Yes I am making the increases on both sides but it just isn’t looking right. I don’t know if you have seen the pattern or not but it is sooo cute. It is hard to find really cute baby knits and I just love everything in this book. I have two nieces that are due within 2 months of each other. One with a boy and one with a girl. I thought I would be able to do this but wow! I don’t have anyone to help me either. I taught myself to knit about 34 years ago and have made quite a few things but am really stuck on this one. It’s really hard to explain a pattern without seeing it. Thanks again for your reply. I’m sure if I try a couple times I’ll get it. (I hope)

If you can type out just a couple rows or instructions and what you don’t understand about them, we can help you out better.