Need help with pattern

I am trying to these mittens I found. The pattern calls fro straight needles. When you look more into the pattern though it talks about casting on stitches, then dividing them like you are supposed to use dpn? In the field of things needed it does not specify dpn this is kinda confusing I was wondering if anyone can offer advice?

any way that you can post the pattern or part of it?

Usually knitting mittens on straight needles means you need to divide for the thumb. You’ll bind off a certain number of sts in the middle of your work that’s hanging off the straight needle. Now, unless you have 2 balls of the same yarn, you need to work the back of the hand portion for a certain number of rows, then to work the palm of the hand for another number of rows. This gives you the opening for the thumb.

Then you’ll cast on a number of sts at the edge in the middle of your work and once again you are knitting across the whole thing.

This is the only way to get an opening in the center of an other-wise flattish piece, knitted on 2 straight needles.

All you need is some kind of stitch holder [yarn threaded through the stitches works nicely] to hold the stitches on the unworked-half of your mitten.

See? Not to worry. All is well and you are doing fine.