Need help with pattern

Ok I need help with this pattern. I do not own any double pointed needles, or at least… I don’t have a set of 4. I bought the Boyle Needle master set at Michaels which has sizes 2 through 15? and the circular cables.
Is it possible to knit this sock using circular needles? I only have one size of each.
Apparently I need 4 size 1 double needles and 4 size 3 double needles.
Any help would be appreciated!


Here is the pattern:

If you are using fingering weight yarn I wouldn’t use larger than a US size 2. It’ll make them last longer if they are more tightly knit. That said, yes, you can use your circulars by doing magic loop. :thumbsup: It’ll take some practice, but you can do it!

Here’s a tutorial for learning magic loop under small diameter knitting.


in my opinion the size2-5 would be better for the fingering weight yarn.
and a set of 4-5 dpn is required at least when you come to the end of your project.
:stuck_out_tongue: just a suggestion.

Actually, you can easily knit socks w/out using double pointed needles at all - I do it all the time. You probably want to stick with size 2 needles.