Need HELP with pattern

I am working on knitting a border for an afghan and am working on turning the corner of the border. Hope someone could help me. I’m already stuck on Row 1. This is what it states:

K to last 5 sts, sl 1 purlwise, turn, k to end.

I proceeded to knit to the last 5 sts and now I am stumped. When I sl 1 purlwise, do I bring my yarn forward first as if to purl then sl 1 stitch?

I’m assuming I do this so that when I “turn”, this will leave me with my yarn in the proper position to “k to end” but it leaves 4 sts on the needle that I will not knit.

Is this what this row means? I have 19 other rows that have this “sl 1 purlwise, k to end”.

Hope someone can help me!

Just slip the stitch as if to purl, but leave the yarn in the back. I believe you are going to end up with lots of unworked stitches that you are then going to knit, and that will curve over the corner.

Hi Linda:

If I leave the yarn in the back then “sl 1 purlwise”, then turn my pattern, the yarn will be in the front of me and I am unable to knit the remaining sts because of the position of the yarn. So, I’m assuming I have to bring my yarn forward then sl 1 purlwise. OHHHH, I’m so confused!! Thanks for your suggestion, though!

I have never done a border on an afghan before, but it sounds to me like you’re doing short rows to turn the corner. In that case, you just leave the yarn where it is, slip the stitch purlwise, turn your work like you would if you were at the end of the row and knit back the other way. You’re just adding extra rows to cover the extra material needed to turn the corner.

Hi Carey:
Thanks for the help but how do I knit when my yarn is now in front of me after I “turn”?

When I sl 1 purlwise and turn, the yarn is in front on the left hand needle with the sts I just knitted and the slipped stitch. The 4 sts that I did not knit are now on my right needle. How do I “k to end” when I have the yarn on the left needle in front of me? I am soooo confused!!


Bring the yarn forward and slip the stitch purlwise, turn. You will now knit the stitches back to the beginning of the row. yes, there are unworked stitches. You are doing short rows in order to “turn the corner” - it will add fullness so the edge doesn’t cup up around the corner, but will lie flat instead.

Or you could leave the yarn in back when you slip the stitch, then after turning move it to the back before doing your knits. Ether way works.

I think you would just move your yarn to the back and start knitting again. Can you post the whole section of directions for the corner? It sounds like you might be doing the ‘wrap & turn’ short row method. If so, there is a video tutorial on this site. I might be able to help more if I can see more of the instructions. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for helping me out! I finally figured out the pattern with ALL of your help!!

Thanks so much again!