Need Help with Pattern

:cheering:- long time no see!
How is everybody doing?
You know I miss you so much that I have to start knitting again. I have this Debbie Bliss pattern for a beret, calls for Rowan Tweed DK. It says cast on 73 sts, but the pattern is for size 6-7 girls. I know Rowan DK gauge is 5-5.5/in on a size 6 needle, so 73 sts will make it 13 inches round. That is not big enough for a size 6-7 child. Is it a mistake on the pattern? Also, I am using a Jaeger Tweed, I think it’s 6.16/in with size 6, and I want to use the pattern.
Tell me my friends, is this possible or I am challenging myself too much?:waah:

Just use a larger needle - 7 or 8.