Need Help With Pattern

I am doing a dog sweater that has skull and crossbones on the back and I need help on the legs part. Here is how the pattern reads:

Shape Leg Openings and Place Chart:
1st row: K4 (5-6-10). Cast off next 4 (5-6-9)
sts. K8 (12-14-27) (including st on needle after
cast off). Work Chart A (A-B-B) across next 20
(20-26-26) sts reading row from right to left.
K8 (12-14-27). Cast off next 4 (5-6-9) sts.
Knit to end of row.

Can anybody help me understand this? You all are so nice to help when I have needed it!


um… what do you need help with? Which size are you doing?

Which part doesn’t make sense? When it tells you to cast off X number of stitches…you cast those off but keep the others “live” and work them according to pattern. Make sense??

The part I guess I am confused about is where it says "K8 (12-14-27) (including st on needle after cast off).

Wow, you all are fast!

Oh, yeah! Another quick question. The pattern says “Inc 1 st each end of needle on next and following alt rows.” Does this mean to do an increase every other row?

Thanks so much,

Yep, that is correct… now for the other question… let’s see.

I think they mean to count it as part of the 8, maybe. I doubt it means to put it back on the left needle and reknit it. I assume it counts as number 1 of the knit 8, but i could be wrong :shrug:

That’s right. When you cast off, there’s one left on the right needle. Count it as one of the remaining stitches.

OK. Let me see if I understand. If you k4 and then cast off 4, that would be 5 left on the needle right? Then you would actually only knit 3 to make the k8? Am I still not understanding?

You all are the best!


I believe it means to knit 7 more to make a total of 8 that you knit at this point.

Sorry guys! I was reading on and got to the next part. It reads:

Note: All Leg Sections are worked at the same
time using a separate ball of yarn for each
section (keeping continuity of chart

How in the crap do I do this?


They want you to work all the legs at the same time, I guess. Work a row on one, then work the same row on the others. It’s probably to keep them all the same. However, since the dog won’t really mind if it’s sweater legs match perfectly, you could do them one at a time if you liked.