Need help with pattern

I am having trouble with this pattern am trying to figure this part out
Knit second ear flap the same but, don’t remove from the needles. With circular needle knit across 2nd ear flap and cast on 20 for a child (24 adult) sts. Knit stitches from holder onto circular needle and then cast on 20 (24 more stitches) place marker and join being careful not to twist your stitches. You’ll now have 72 stitches for a child’s hat and 80 for an adult’s.

I knit the second earflap onto my circular needle and cast on 24 stitches, but I am not sure after knitting the second earflap on from the holder if I did it correctly. Should the ear flaps be next to each other or should the cast on stitches separate the earflaps. In other words I can seem to find the back and front of this hat.

I couldn’t access the site but this is what I believe you should have. Earflap/24 sts/Earflap/24 sts. You should then join into a circle.

That’s what I was thinking so the 24 stitches would be the front and back