Need help with pattern

Can someone help me understand this rnd 4: sc in next 9 st (sc in next 2 st, inc in next st) repeat 3 times

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@OffJumpsJack or @GrumpyGramma are much more experienced and can offer better advice.

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I am not sure what part of round 4 you are asking about, maybe the repeats?

This ( parenthesis starts a pattern to be repeated, and this ) ends the pattern. You repeat all sts between (and ) the number of time indicated.

Rnd 4: sc in the next 9 sts, (sc in the next 2 sts, SC twice in the next st) “repeat 3 time” {The pattern between parentheses is repeated 3 times}, sc ea next 9 sts (sc, sc, inc) ×3 [total now 42 sts]

I hope I answered your question. :slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you! Your explanation helped me understand the parentheses.

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