Need help with pattern

Hi everyone i have a pattern called Grace designed by Donna i am doing the left side i have 38 sts on needles and am doing largest size, rows 1,2 3,5 okay then stitches work to 38, row 4 and 6 dont work, am i reading pattern wrong
Thank You

The instruction inside the brackets is ALL repeated the number of times outside the bracket.

Row 4
K4, p3 =7 St
(K1, p1 2 times mean k1 p1 k1 p1 so 4 stitches but instruction inside the bracket continues
K1, p3) this is 4 stitches, total inside bracket is 8 stitches
Then outside the bracket is
3 times
The 3 times mean everything in the brackets is repeated this number of times so you work those 8 stitches 3 times = 24
P7 = 7

Total 7 + 24 + 7 = 38

Row 6 is a different instruction but works in the same way
K4, p3 = 7
(K1, p1 3 times, p2) = 8 st x 3 = 24
P7 = 7
Total 38

Does this make sense?

Haha took me awhile to get my head around, havent seen a pattern written like that before

Anyway thank you so much for your help

Kind Regards Christine

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