Need help with pattern

I need help with a pattern. It says (k1, p3) x5, PM, k, PM, p4, (k1, p3) x4. Here is where I’m stuck. I did the first part, then then the PM. What do I do after that. I have a 170stitches and not sure what part I’m repeating? Do I knit until I have only enough stitches to do the part after the last PM? I thought if I was to knit till the last part it would have been k. I’m so confused. Someone help!

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What is the name of your pattern?
Patterns usually say something like, “knit to the last 20sts…” but yours may be different.

It’s the Celia toddler blanket. It’s a paid pattern so I can’t share it. I posted exactly what it said. It’s so confusing

Yes, the “k” seems to be an abbreviation for “knit all the next sts” or knit until the last 20sts. That’s what the rows between pattern sts look like. The pattern may list this in the abbreviations or perhaps not. You can always check with the designer, especially since it is a paid pattern.

Thanks for thinking of the copyright. Often a link to the photo alone is a big help.

hello I’m intrested For your pattern what is the name your pattern please tell me ?