Need help with pattern!

Hi all

I’m new here and I’m really a beginner but have taken a more advanced project on at my 6 year old son’s request!

I’m trying to knit the Wham hoodie from Rowan Little Dudes in size 7-8yrs and having trouble with the body chart.

In the text it says
‘beg and ending rows as indicated, cont in patt from body chart as folls:
Work 4 rows, ending with RS facing for next row.’

So my questions are:

  1. are the 4 rows to be worked after the body chart (attached) has finished?
  2. could someone please highlight how I’m supposed to follow the body chart according to size 7/8yrs… are the squares between the wiggly lines the way I’m meant to beg and end a row and then I skip to the middle section and repeat? Or do I start from the appropriate wiggly line and just work across? I’m so confused and know I have bitten off more than I can chew lol

I thank you in advance for anyone who can take the time to help me!!


Hi and welcome!
I’m about to start another pattern from this collection.
The 4 rows start the chart. They’re actually chart rows 1-4. I’ve placed a red dot where you would begin and started some yellow dots up the line that you will follow. I don’t see a middle section to repeat. It looks like you work the chart from one edge to the other as given for your size.

Hi Salmonmac

Thank you for the help below!

Could I please trouble you some more? If I am to follow the pattern exactly then am I supposed to decrease the stitches as I go along? In which case, how do I know when and how many stitches to decrease?


What does the pattern say about decreasing? Are there instructions for armhole or raglan decreases?

Ah I see!! I’m supposed to follow the raglan armhole shape and the body chart pattern!

Thanks, you’re a genius!