Need help with pattern

I’m working on this adult raglan sweater and the pattern says to cast on 110 stitches and work stockinette stitch for 17" then start raglan decrease. For the first 2 decreases is says to bind off first stitch. Then it reads:
Row 1: knit across the row until there are 4 stitches left, k2tog TBL, k2
Row 2: purl across the row until 4 stitches left, purl 2 together, P2

It tells me that after 37 rows I should have 34 stitches on the needle, but the math doesn’t work out.

Can you tell us the pattern name of provide a link if possible?

The Pattern name is adult roll raglan by yankee knitter designs. I don’t have a link, but here is a picture of the pattern

I just did the math and it worked out to 34 sts!!!

Each row decreases by 1 st. Repeating those 2 decrease rows, you will be knitting 76 rows. Subtract 110-76=34. Looks good to me!!!

Hth, knitcindy


What’s confusing me is the part in the pattern where it says complete rows 1&2 37 times TOTAL to get the 34 stitches.

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These kinds of directions are almost always confusing no matter how the designer tries to clarify. Better to say repeat these directions 37 times more.
At any rate, go with the math as knitcindy explained.

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