Need help with pattern please!

Hello everyone!

Just started this scarf today:

The pattern reads as follows:

k3 *p1, T2Btbl, p1, T2Ftbl; rep. from * to last 4 sts…

I am very confused about the T2Btbl and the T2Ftbl.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thank you!


T2Btbl - Twist 2 to the back, through the back loop.
T2Ftbl - twist 2 to the front, tbl

There must be an explanation for how to do these in the pattern. But my guess these are twist left and twist right, knitting both sts through the back loop.

Hi Suzee!

Thank you and yes, I just found an explanation on the second page… duh!

You were right - it goes like this:

T2F tbl: sl1 st to cn, hold in front of work, p1, ktbl from cn

T2B tbl: sl1 st to cn, hold to back of work, k1tbl, p1 from cn

Thank you so much!