Need help with pattern please

So as I said before i’m teaching myself knitting, and am doing my first pattern, lol. So far all the videos have helped me in my journey lol. Now, I finished the last row, I think, I’m making baby booties. Now, the next step is this: “cont in garter st for 2 1/2 inches (6 cm) ending with a ws row” . Earlier in the pattern, in the beginning actually, it shows the garter st as 11 knitted rows. So does this mean to basicly knit rows for 2 1/2 more inches? Call me dumb idk, lol. And, how do you tell the difference between the right side and the wrong side? Is that what ws means? Thank you for any help you can give me. :wink:

Garter st is knit every row, so just knit more rows until you have 2½". WS is wrong side and with garter, you decide which looks nicer and can be the RS row, which is the one worn facing out. Then place something to mark that side so you don’t have to figure it out again…

It sounds to me like you’re supposed to end up with 2 1/2" of garter stitch total, as opposed to 2 1/2" from where that line appears in the pattern. Hard to tell for sure without the whole pattern, though. If it’s a free pattern available on the web, could you post a link?

Yes, ws means wrong side. Technically there is no wrong side in garter stitch, but there may be a wrong side of your pattern. Again, hard to tell without seeing the pattern. You may be able to tell by rereading the beginning part of the pattern.

thank you for your help. I go to so many sites for free patterns, I don’t even remember which site I got this pattern from lol. thank you for your help! Its much appreciated!

If the pattern has a name, I bet we could find it. If you need more help, let us know. :slight_smile: