Need help with pattern please!

Hiya everyone!

I am about to start knitting one of those speed stix throws. The pattern is off the LB website, which is knitted in the basic stockinette stitch. The original pattern calls for 34 stitches to be worked until it reaches 54 inches in length. To avoid the ridges on the side, that the purl stitches create, I was wondering if I could do a couple knit stitches at the beginning and end. However, do I include them in the 34 stitches or would they be in addition to them? I was going to do this pattern, please let me know if this would work.

CO 39 stitches
First Row: Knit
Second Row: Knit 3, Purl, and then knit the very last 3.

Repeat all until throw reaches 54 inches in length.

Would this pattern work? Or should I do it differently? Please, any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:


YES, that would work fine.

The ridges on the side are garter stitch, which would be created whether you knit all of those stitches or purl those stitches. The purpose of them is to keep the whole thing from rolling up into a tube. You need some kind of edging for stockinette. If you don’t like the garter, you can use seed stitch. That looks very nice.

It would work fine, but I don’t think it’s necessary for the Lion Brand speed stix throw. I have made it and mine doesn’t curl. Using the 4 strands at once creates enough weight to prevent curling.

Well, don’t I feel just smart. I thought that the ridges on the side was created from the purls, guess you can tell I’m new at this…ha!
If it works well with the original pattern, then I will probably just do that. But, I will remember the seed stitch boarder. I was looking at stitch patterns online and that is one that caught my eye, very pretty. Thank you guys for all your help! Now I can get started on that throw. :knitting:

They’re created when you knit the edge sts on the purl side. The back of a knit st creates a purl st, aka a ridge or bump.