Need help with pattern please!

Hello! Brand new here looking for some knitting help :blush:

I am working on a vest and am stuck at what this might mean. The pattern is Patons “lacy top” PAK0132-003526M.pdf (

Not sure if the link will work, but there is a 4-row pattern where it says to “rep last 4 rows for pat until work from beg measures 17 ins, ending with 4th row of pat.” This part I understand. Next part, though…

It says "Place pat for neck shaping"
1st row: (RS). Pat 17 sts. K63. Pat 17 sts. Rep last row 10 times more, keeping center 63 sts in garter st (knit every row).

And that’s it… so I know “pat” refers to the previous 4 row pattern. But it says to work only 17 sts of the pattern. Does that mean I work the first 17 sts of row 1 of the pattern, knit 63, then begin the first 17 sts of the first row of the pattern again? How about the second row? It says “rep last row 10 times more” – so I repeat the SAME 17 sts and instead of purling, knit 63 (to make garter st), then 17 sts again of the same (so row 1 of the pattern)… OR does it mean I do the pattern so I begin with 17 sts of row 2 of pat? And I do this 10 more times, making it 11 rows altogether, correct? Which means I end with row 3 of pattern (RS)?

Next comes “Shape neck: Next row: (WS). Pat 17 sts. K9. Cast off center 45 sts. K9. Pat 17 sts. Cont in pat on last 26 sts, working garter st across 9 sts at neck edge until work from beg measures 24 ins, ending with a WS row.”

I hope I’m not being confusing… I’d appreciate any help! Thanks so much!

Welcome to KH!
All good questions.
For the shoulders you’ll only be working 17sts on each side in pattern. Start the first shoulder with the beginning of the pattern row 1, work 63 knit sts and then you’ll need to look to the previous rows to work out where to start the second shoulder. You want the pattern to stary aligned without a jog. The previous rows on that shoulder will show you where you are in the pattern stitch.
Continue the pattern stitch on row 2 and then rows 3 and 4. Keep repeating the 4 row pattern for 10 more rows so that you end with pattern row 3. The pattern stitch on the shoulders will continue while you knit the garter stitch neckline border. Eventually the center part of the border will be bound off.

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Thank you! I think I’ve got it! :slight_smile:

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