Need help with pattern/pinterest


I have been looking for knitting patterns for swimsuit coverup and summer shorts. I found both on pinterest but I have no idea how to get the pattern. I am not even clear on how pinterest works.

I have the 2 links below of the items I would love to knit:

Any help please!!


The tank top is available from purlbee

Cute top and interesting pattern!

Thank you. I was finally able to figure that part out. But I cannot find the shorts and they are just adorable!!!

The link they have is a photobucket picture. UGH.

If not, do you know of a summer shorts pattern I can download??

There are a couple of patterns, some free, on Ravelry.

Well - I found the original picture of the shorts - - however, they’re just something she owned and not something she knit. She refers to them as Shakuhachi knit shorts, which (poking around) looks like the brand, actually.

Two hot pants/shorts patterns that could possibly have cables worked into them:


QUESTION: And maybe you can help, if I make the “knit shorts in Paris” pattern in small, where would I place the cables to look like the other ones???

Any help is much appreciated!!!


I also love the yarn she used… I hate that they were on a “knitting patterns” site, made me look for that dang pattern for hours. So happy you were able to solve the mystery for me!!! :cheering:

No problem. I’ll leave it to others to help with adding cables to the pattern. Far beyond my experience level at the moment.

ooops, and I yelled when I said “thank you” so sorry about that.