Need help with pattern (knitting sweater for first time)


Hi everyone,

I’ve joined this group because I am knitting my first sweater and I’ve reached a point where I need some help.

I am knitting the Worsted Boxy by Joji in size medium -

The pattern has instructions for a seam and seamless version and I chose the seamless version on circular needles. I am finished with knitting the body and I am now dividing the work for the armholes. I have 240 stitches on my needles and the next part of the pattern reads:

Divide work for armholes:
Next row (RS): K1, m1r, k 110 (118, 118, 118, 132, 132, 132), m1l, k1, turn work. The stitches you have just worked will be your front stitches. You can put the rest of the st on hold until
you work your back.

Next row (WS): P1, m1p, p to 1 st before the end of row, m1p, p1. 116 (124, 124, 124, 138, 138, 138) st remain.

Continue working in stockinette stitch until piece now measures 21½ (21¾, 22¼, 24¼, 24¾, 26, 26½) inches; 53½ (54, 55½, 60½, 61½, 65, 66½) cm from the CO edge.

Work the rest of the front as for the seamed version, starting with the section Shape Neckline (Both Versions) found on p.2.

My question is, do I need to switch to regular needles for this part? Any suggestions on the right way to divide work for armholes would be so appreciated (ie. what do I do with stitches on hold - keep them on my circular needles until I’m ready for them? etc).

Thank you!


You don’t need to switch to straights, you can if you find it easier but you can also continue to use your circular and knit back and forth as with straights. If you switch to straights you can leave your held sts on the circ, you can also just switch to another circ(if you have more than one of the same size or switch tips to another cord for interchangeables)
Just follow your instructions for working the armhole divide row using your preferred needle choice and good luck with your project, you’re doing very well. Please post a photo when you’ve finished, we all enjoy seeing each other’s projects here :grin:


Thank you! If I stick to my circular needles do I have to move my stitches I’m ignoring onto another set or can I just leave them and use stitch markers to ensure I don’t accidentally knit them? Thanks again for the help, looking forward to sharing a completed picture!


You will probably find it easier to move them out of the way onto another circ or a long scrap of yarn will work too.


I have another question related to the M1P instructions. The line below does not indicate whether I should m1p right or left:

Next row (WS): P1, m1p, p to 1 st before the end of row, m1p, p1. 116 (124, 124, 124, 138, 138, 138) st remain.

Should I do the first m1p leaning to the left (since it’s the back of the right arm…I think) and then the second m1p leaning to the right?

Thanks again!


If the pattern gives no reference to this under abbreviations or special notes then I don’t think it will matter but it may look neater to have all the increases leaning the same way either side, just make sure not to get confused which side is which lol. :grin:


Quick thought, the row before this has increases m1r and m1l. As these 2 rows are the only increase rows maybe it isn’t necessary to be too concerned after all ?


The following row (WS) has an m1p for each arm and then it goes into stockinette stitch. I think I will do a left-leaning m1p and then a right-leaning m1p.


Hello! I am now at the part of the pattern where I need to bind off for the neckline. The pattern reads:

K52, bind off 20, K52.

When I bind off my 20, what do I do with the yarn and the last stitch that remains for the bind off? Do I bind off all 20 like I would when I’m binding off a project at the end and cut the yarn and weave it in?

Thank you!


Knit 52 sts and start binding off the next 20 sts. The stitch left on your needle after the last bind off is stitch 1 of the remaining 52 that you will continue to knit to the end of the row.


Thank you! I’m now on the section to shape the shoulders and I had a few questions about wrap and turns. I’ve watched videos on how to do this but the instructions say to not pick up any of the wraps. All of the tutorial videos I’ve watched say to pick up the wraps. Do some patterns instruct not to pick up the wraps and if so, will there be holes in my work?


Yes, some patterns do instruct not to pick up the wraps. It’s not always necessary to pick them up, sometimes leaving them there is what prevents little holes from being visible.
Some yarns hide the wraps better than others though, so look at your work and decide how noticeable they are. If they blend in okay then leave them in :grinning: