Need help with pattern (k1b, k1)

I’m having some trouble understanding this stitch, it’s used only a few times in the pattern, but I just do not know what it means for me to do…I think I’m trying too hard and it may be very simple, but maybe someone here can help me get this.
The pattern says “(k1b, k1) in one st, then insert left hand needle point behind the verticle strand that runs down between the two sts just made and k into this strand making the 3rd st of the group”

Any help at all would be very appreciated, a diagram even better.

Hi and welcome to KH! The K1B, K1 will be in one stitch…first you will knit through the back loop but don’t drop that stitch off your needle…instead enter the st again through the front and knit. After you do this you will see the vertical strand that they mention next :thumbsup:

Amy does have a video for KFB here that may help