Need help with pattern interpretting

I’m knitting a sweater for my dh and need a bit of help in interpretting the following (which is the ending of the back at the neck prior to picking up stitches for the collar):

“ending with a RS row. BO all sts in patt.”

Sounds simple, and I’m probably overthinking this because it’s the first person sweater I’ve knit (I’ve knit sweaters for my dog), but do I end this piece on a RS row, and then bind off on the WS, or do I end by binding off on a right side row while keeping all sts in pattern?

This sweater is knit from the bottom up, and done in pieces that I’ll have to sew together.

Thanks in advance!
Debra in NC

I think we get nervous and our brains turn to mush … I hate that don’t you. Ending with a RS row means finish your RS row and then BO in Pattern. It would be easier if they just said “finish that right side row and then bind off” but they don’t. I’m currently making my first sweater too, the Celtic Cardigan by Oat Couture. I decided to use life lines in mine as there are so many right and left twists and I was afraid if I dropped stitches I’d never get them back on correctly.

Thanks so much Sheri! Yeap, it’s mush for me, for sure.:slight_smile:

Debra in NC

PS - I absolutely love using a lifeline whenever I’m doing anything even remotely tricky. I’ve visited that ol’ frog pond so much you’d think I’m a resident there! LOL!