Need help with pattern interpretation for stocking cap

I would really like to make this neat stocking cap:
However, I am not yet a confident enough knitress to guess at what gauge yarn/needle size I need. I have a pretty average size head, I think, perhaps a bit on the small size. :slight_smile: What yarns should I use?
Any tips that would make this hat turn out nicely for a beginning knitter?
Also, when I alternate colors for each stripe, I should just join the two yarns and then cut off the first color, right?
Thanks so much,

The yarns mentioned are a worsted weight (4 on some labels) and you would use anywhere from a 7 to 9 needle to get that gauge with a worsted. It all depends on how tight you knit. Lion WoolEase would be a good one to look at; it’s inexpensive and washable.

When you alternate colors, leave about 3-4" of the ends free, then weave in the ends later on.