Need help with pattern instructions

I think I’m having a “stoopid” moment…I can’t seem to understand the following instructions from a mitten pattern. This is my first attempt at a mitten. My issue/question is with the highlighted text:

Round 1: *K1, p1. Repeat from * to end of the round.
Repeat Round 1 until piece measures 2" or desired length from the cast-on edge. [B]Purl the last stitch of the round.[/B]

Thumb Gusset
Round 1: [B]Slip the last purled stitch from the previous round onto the working needle.[/B] This will be the first outside gusset stitch. K2, p1. The base of the gusset is formed.

Now, if I just purled the last stitch, isn’t it already on the working needle?? Why would I need to slip it on to the working needle? BTW, this pattern is supposedly designed for magic loop (which I’m doing) and not for DPNs or 2 circs. I’d appreciate any and all help and explanations.

they are using “working needle” to mean the one you are working stitches OFF - so slip the last stich of the round (purled) BACK onto the needle, ready to work. Then do the k2, p1

After you’ve woreed a stitch, it’s on the right needle which is the `holding’ needle until you get to those stitches again.

When you get around to that purled stitch on the [I]next round,[/I] then you slip it.