Need help with pattern instructions!

I have completed up to the 25th row but am confused about what I must do for the rest of the pattern. Can somebody please clarify what I must do??

In particular, I don’t understand what “Inc 1 st at each end of 2nd row and foll 29 rows, then on foll 20 alt row” means. So I increased the 2nd row by two stitches and then I increase the end stitches of 29 more rows? Or do I increase each second row of the 29 rows? And if I have to increase all of the 29 rows, how would you increase a stitch at the end if it asks you to k2tog tbl??

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Here’s the link to the pattern:

Starting with row 2, increase one stitch at each end of every row for the first 30 rows. You can see this increase in the chart. Then increase every other row for the next 20 rows (this can be every RS row).
I don’t see where the increases also have a k2tog tbl?

Since there can be copyright problems even with free patterns reprinted here. Could you please delete the pattern photos? The link is fine.

Thank you for the reply and the link to the pattern. I have deleted the photos now as well.

I am knitting a medium sized sweater but the starting stitch of the third row on the chart is a ktog2 tbl. Do I increase the first stitch and then start using the chart from the second stitch onwards??

Thank you so much again!

Ah, thank you, I see what you mean. Part of the problem is that the chart covers all sizes including those larger than medium. There’s something important about patterns like this with paired increases and decreases (the yfwd and the k2tog or k2tog tbl). You shouldn’t work one without the other.

So if the chart for your size only shows a k2tog without its yfwd, don’t work it. Just knit the stitch or in the case of row 3, work an increase shaping only. The same will be true at the end of the row, a k2tog without its yfwd. Here again, just work the increase shaping on this end.

In some rows, you’ll have to make this up yourself but just keep in mind the pairs and also the fact that these sts will be hidden in the seam. The really important thing is the shaping, the increase line of the sweater body.

Ah I see, that makes a lot more sense now! Thank you again~ I’ll give it a go!